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Shark Toolers: A Revolution in Hand-Held Tools

It wouldn’t be much of an exaggeration to say that mankind has evolved faster than the hand tools we created. Almost from the moment when homo habilis—the original “handy man”—wielded a stone axe, hand tools have kept their basic design and function. Sure, we’ve added power, but we haven’t fully optimized ergonomics for a greater range of motion with less strain and increased safety. Well, forget evolution and get ready for the revolution!

Introducing Shark Toolers, a line of products poised to revolutionize the hand-held tool industry. Created by a construction industry professional with more than 40 years of practical, on-the-job experience, these tools integrate the best practices of ergonomics. The patented design relieves stress, reduces fatigue and enhances safety for homebuilding professionals, homeowners and do-it-yourselfers. The versatile design is applicable to a wide range of essential hand tools, so you can enjoy the Shark Toolers advantage for countless tasks.

Unique, patented design helps craftsmen get a handle on repairs

The Shark Toolers brand is built around our unique Signature Handle and our Multi-Tool Handle, which have been awarded U.S. patents. Their core designs will soon set the standard for a comfortable grip that increases torque, allowing craftsmen to do more with less effort, while avoiding injuries that come from over exertion and fatigue. Additionally, by drawing on decades of practical home remodeling  experience, we have designed our tools with enhanced safety features to prevent painful and costly accidents. Our signature handles have tested so positively, that we have broadened their application to include devices for personal self-defense /alarming, as well as tracking and communication systems.


Comfort, efficiency, reliability and safety are built into our tools, setting the Shark Toolers line apart from any other brand of hand tools on the market. 


Two unique devices to solve ever-present problems 

Part of Shark Toolers’ mission is to provide creative solutions to common home repair problems. So, we’re also excited about two unique devices. Our patented Tweekers allow anyone to solve the vexing problem of leveling a surface quickly and easily. And our Pluggies, for which a U.S. patent is pending, provide a quick but reliable fix wherever you find stripped screw holes. No other products on the market address these common problems so quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Which is why we’re confident these tiny devices will soon be indispensable for anyone attempting basic repairs.


Now’s the time to take the plunge with Shark Toolers


Our tools are tested and ready, our patents are in place, and Shark Toolers is poised to begin production in the first quarter of 2022. We’re going to lead with our Tweekers and Pluggies, because we’re confident these low-cost, essential items will soon be ubiquitous: from the big box stores and home improvement chains to the corner hardware shop. And they will carry forth the Shark Tooler brand, paving the way for our complete line of tools.

We will market that line directly to consumers through Amazon to start. But we expect to quickly do business with savvy distributors who recognize the unique opportunity our product line offers. If you are interested in exploring a licensing or distribution arrangement with Shark Toolers, now is the time to act.​ Take the plunge and share in the bounty that’s to come.

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