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Signature Handle
Multi-Tool Handle

Shark Toolers line of products starts with our U.S. Patented Signature Handle


Our unique, comfort-fit design, shown here on a simple spackling knife, provides additional torque and leverage, allowing users to reduce force and motion when accomplishing a range of tasks. This produces:

Four distinct ergonomic benefits


Users are able to:

  • Maintain a neutral position. The handle is so comfortable, that your hand naturally folds around it, so you don't need an unnaturally tight grip.

  • Reduce excessive force. The tool gives you leverage, so you don't have to exert as much force as you do with a conventional tool.

  • Eliminate excessive motion. The Shark Toolers design provides greater torque, so you can accomplish the task within a more limited range of motion.

  • Minimize fatigue. When you work comfortably in a neutral position, apply less force and reduce your range of motion, you minimize fatigue.


Shark Toolers Patented Multi-Tool improves organization leading to greater efficiency and safety


From the simple spackling knife, we move on to our advanced Multi-Tool which neatly organizes all the implements needed to get a spackling job done:

  • Ball peen hammer head

  • Standard flat hammer head

  • Magnetic socket for Philips or flathead screwdriver bit

This patented handle also reduces fatigue while providing extra torque when needed.

But the Multi-Tool delivers a fifth ergonomic advantage: keeping everything within easy reach. When working, you want your tools at your fingertips. Reaching awkwardly for a piece or a part while in the midst of a task can cause injuries and accidents. 

The Shark Toolers line of products improves organization, so everything is where you need it, when you need it.

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