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Garden Tools


Shark Toolers Signature Handle Garden Tools

Our three garden tools all use some form of the patented Shark Toolers Signature Handle:

  • Digging Spade — The user has the design advantages of the Signature Handle for greater comfort and torque to reduce fatigue and prevent injury, as well as the safety donut collar to prevent slippage.

  • Graduated Digging Spade — In addition to the features above, the Graduate Spade has graduated measurements on the face of its blade and a 6-foot retractable tape measure built into the handle. The user can dig holes to specific depths for planting and can accurately measure the distance between holes.

  • Rake — When pulling through clustered dirt, weeds and roots, a gardener benefits from the ergonomic design of our Signature Handle for enhanced comfort and reduced fatigue.


Our garden tools offer homeowners and professional landscapers all the ergonomic benefits of the Shark Toolers' patented design.

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