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Shark Toolers Presents Tweekers® 

An indispensable new device that keeps repairs on the level.

"Is it straight?"

Whether it is a kitchen counter-top, a baseboard, or a windowsill, the goal of the tradesman or do-it-yourselfer is to achieve perfect leveling. When the air bubble stays between the hashmarks of the vial, there's a sweet sigh of relief. But to get to what we call “level,” even a skilled contractor has to take agonizing and time-consuming steps to "tweek" the job, and too often the homeowner must live with a result that is just "slightly off." — No more!

Introducing the Tweeker, a simple, cost-effective solution with 1000s of applications

Builders often use a shim, a simple wooden wedge, to align adjacent objects. The Tweeker applies that concept on a tiny scale to perform a miniscule adjustment to quickly level a surface.

The Tweeker is a clear plastic wedge with grooves spaced a quarter inch apart. If your countertop needs a slight adjustment, simply slide a Tweeker under the counter until the wedge raises the counter to the perfect level. Then, snap off the rest of the Tweeker at that point. (But don’t throw the remainder away. You can save it to use for another job!) Because the Tweeker is so small and made of clear plastic, it is practically invisible. 

Tweekers are the perfect cost-effective solution for thousands of problems. Homeowners can quickly level furniture or appliances that wobble. Home remodelers can get crown molding to meet at a perfect 45 degrees. This US patented device will become an essential tool for:

•    Carpenters    •    Tile installers    •    Professional tradesmen

•    Builders    •    Glaziers    •    Homeowners

Even restauranteurs who suffer from the occasional wobbly table will want to have Tweekers on hand.

Enormous sales potential for a product professionals and consumers can't do without

Tweekers are poised to become a staple for hardware and big box stores across the country, because:

  • Tweekers quickly and cost-effectively solve a wide-spread problem

  • There is no other product that competes with Tweekers

  • Tweekers are affordable for consumers

  • Tweekers provide a high margin for sellers

  • Tweekers can be displayed in multiple departments of outlet stores and even at registers for point of purchase sales

  • Finally, Tweekers are manufactured in the USA, so you needn’t worry about supply chain interruptions


Shark Toolers has secured a U.S. patent for the Tweeker, so our exclusive rights are secure. The time to capitalize on the market potential of this indispensable device is now. Contact Shark Toolers today.

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