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Shark Toolers Signature Personal Safety Multi-Devices

Globally, people are more concerned than ever for their safety. In the United States, handgun sales are setting records, even though much of the population is not comfortable with a deadly force option. In Europe, where rape increased a staggering 47 percent from 2008 to 2015, and where handgun laws are even stricter, sales of pepper spray have sky rocketed. Applying our innovative approach to this problem, Shark Toolers has developed a versatile and effective alternative.  

The Shark Toolers line of Personal Safety Multi-Devices starts with our patented Signature Handle to provide lightweight, easy-to-carry combinations of defensive deterrents proven to be effective against street thugs.

With this compact, potent package, users can:

  • Subdue — Temporarily blind an assailant with pepper spray and strike with blunt force

  • Scare off — Sound a piercing alarm that scatters attackers

  • Signal — Light a high beam so help can find you


When used as intended, our personal safety devices can disrupt criminal behavior and potentially save lives.


Essential Features of the Shark Toolers Personal Safety Multi-Devices


Building on our patented ergonomic design, Shark Toolers combines several essential features in a light-weight, easy-to-carry tool:

  • Tip — The top of the device can house pepper spray, a tactical flashlight, or a laser pointer.

  • Wand — This portion of the handle contains a panic button that sets off a high-volume alarm.

  • Base — Our signature handle is easy to grip and provides leverage in a struggle. The bulb is a formidable blunt instrument and can be outfitted with a steel point for breaking glass in an emergency. A lanyard attaches to the base to tether the device to the owner's wrist, belt or bag.

  • Secret compartment — The handle houses a hidden storage compartment, useful for holding small articles, such as low-dose aspirin in the event the user suffers a heart attack. Deluxe models can be equipped with a battery charger, GPS finder/locator, digital compass, camera (to use simultaneously with the pepper spray), a light module, or an audio recorder.

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