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Contour Spackling Knives

With every remodeling job, there are narrow, obstructed areas where a broad spackling knife cannot easily fit. Applying spackle in gaps or around pipes and other obstructions can be awkward, so achieving a flawless result that matches the overall project is nearly impossible. Sharktoolers solves this problem with a set of four (4) contour knives designed to fit into tight openings. The set allows you to choose the appropriate blade width for the job: ¼, ½, ¾, and 1 inch.

Our US patended design features:

  • An ergonomic handle — The same handle used for our trim blade knife allows for a firm, comfortable grip while working at any angle.

  • Choice of flexible or stiff blades — Sets come with stiff blades for scraping, flexible blades for spackling, or rubber blades for grouting, so you can choose the appropriate rigidity for the job.

  • Angled blade — Odd areas where your hand can’t fit aren’t suited to the use of a straight blade. Take, for example, areas to the left or right of a door-casing that’s close to the wall. Without an angled blade to improve your reach, you would have to remove the casing to be able to apply spackle smoothly. Sharktoolers’ angled knife significantly reduces the time needed to achieve a perfect result.


Sealing and surfacing hard-to-reach spots is no longer a problem. This is one more way that Sharktoolers adds ease, comfort and professional performance to your remodeling tasks.

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