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Beverage CAP ID

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Introducing the Identity Bottle

The Greatest Innovation in Beverage Packaging Since the Pop-Top

The drink container that that’s uniquely yours, but ready to safely share. There hasn’t been a significant advancement in beverage packaging for the last 60 years. In 1962, Ermal Cleon Fraze invented the pull-tab, which eventually morphed into the pop-top we use today. That made soda and beer cans easier to open, but didn’t solve two remaining problems:

       1) How do I tell which container is mine?
       2)  How can I share a soda with a friend without catching his cold?

Over the past 60 years, no bottling company has thought to solve these two persistent problems. Until now!


Make way for the Identity Bottle, the container you can quickly personalize and safely share with a friend.

“Wait, which one’s mine?”

This is the age-old question asked at every picnic, backyard barbecue or house party. You put down your drink—to toss a Frisbee, pet the host’s dog, show off your Salsa moves—and when you get back, there are half a dozen cups, cans or bottles exactly like yours. In times gone by, you might not think much of this. But with the onset of Covid, we’re a bit wary of grabbing the wrong drink. If you only had a sip or two left, you’re content to move on. But if you had just opened the container, what a waste! And returning to the ice chest, you might find your favorite beverage is gone.

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How do you mark your drink?

Some people have a system. Maybe they peel the label a particular way. Which works until someone copies your move. Now your signature peel is not so distinctive. And anyway, it doesn’t work with cans. Maybe you’re the kind of host who puts out a black Sharpie so everyone can mark their cups. Which is great, except Sharpies don’t work on cans and bottles, especially if they’ve been sitting in an ice chest. And friends grabbing drinks are not likely to wait patiently for the Sharpie to be passed or look for it when it’s been mislaid.

The Identity Bottle lets you leave your unique mark

Imagine a bottle that has its own Sharpie and indelible writing surface. That’s the idea behind the
Identity Bottle. The ID Bottle has a blank name plate that responds to impressions like that old kid’s toy, the Magic Slate. The bottle cap has a pair of protruding nubs, which add a bit of leverage to assist in opening, but also act like the tip of a pen.

Just place the bottle cap between your thumb and forefinger, and etch your name on the name plate. That bottle is now unmistakably yours!

You can even transform your bottle into a memento of a special event, like:

     1) Meeting a celebrity, and having them sign the bottle
     2) Chatting up an attractive stranger and getting their number

If you’ve ever been without pen and paper when you needed it most, that’s another problem the ID Bottle solves!


License the Identity Bottle for your beverages now!Sharktoolers has a patent pending for the ID Bottle. We are looking to partner with beverage distributors who see the unique advantages of packaging their drinks in the ID Bottle. To schedule a consultation, call us or contact us online now!


Let’s make sharing safe again!

Sharing is a powerful gesture that people recognize all over the world. By sharing a drink:
     1) Strangers break the ice
     2) Friends solidify their bonds
     3) Families say, “I love you.”

But sharing a bottled drink isn’t always convenient or safe.
     1) If you’ve got a cold

     2) If you don’t know someone well
     3) You’re in a place where it’s awkward to pass a bottle back and forth

A conventional beverage bottle doesn’t lend itself to sharing. So, consumers must choose between buying two or none. Now, with Sharktooler’s Identity Bottle, sharing a beverage is simple and safe.

Unique design lets each friend enjoy a personal container

The Identity Bottle comes with a pressure sealed cup that releases from the bottom of the container. The cup is calibrated to contain half the volume of the bottle, for a perfect 50-50 split. Plus, the Identity Bottle’s cup is stackable, so you can keep and store them to be reused. So, to re-cap, the ID Bottle’s cup can be:

     1) Personalized – Like the Identity Bottle itself, the cup comes with a pressure-sensitive space to write your name or initials.
     2) Reused – The multi-purpose cup is durable enough to be used time and again.
     3) Held as a keepsake – Remember a moment when you shared a drink for with someone special, or famous, commemorated with their signature.

But Identity Bottle’s unique cup is not the only impressive feature. There’s also a tamper-proof security strip that ensures no one has touched the cup before you.

From now on, if you have an urge to share, there’s no reason to hesitate.

More sharing means more selling

From sugary sodas to organic fruit smoothies, individual-sized beverages are pricey. Many consumers, especially parents with kids, won’t buy a drink on the go; they’ll wait ‘til they get home. And for parties, they buy large, value-sized containers.

But Identity Bottle lets consumers:
    1) Satisfy two thirsts for the price of one
    2) Cut their waste/recycling in half
    3) Have peace of mind that drinks are being safely consumed

For these reasons, consumers are more likely to buy beverages packaged in Identity Bottles on impulse and for gatherings, resulting in higher sales.

The Last Straw?

Some people prefer drinking soda through a straw. There’s less chance of spillage and the drink lasts longer when you take measured sips. Unfortunately, straws have been identified with plastic waste that is threatening the ocean, and many jurisdictions have started banning plastic straws. You’re only choice is a paper straw that dissolves in your drink and starts to leak. Well, Sharktoolers has an answer with the straw version of the Identity Bottle. This bottle comes with a straw affixed inside which pops up when you unscrew the cap. The straw is made of the same recyclable material as the bottle itself. So, you can sip your drink, and when you go to recycle the bottle, the straw goes with it. No additional waste.


License the Identity Bottle for your beverages now!

Sharktoolers has a patent pending for the ID Bottle. We are looking to partner with beverage
distributors who see the unique advantages of packaging their drinks in the ID Bottle. To schedule a
consultation, call us or contact us online now!

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