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The beauty of a tiled floor starts with quality materials and finishes with tight, even grout joints where lippage — the variation in height of the adjoining tiles — is at a minimum. Today’s larger tiles make it harder to eliminate lippage without the use of a leveling system, such as the popular Vortex®. These systems require tilers to set fasteners in place every ten inches or so across the whole floor. To aid in this process, Sharktoolers developed the Tile Skater Leveling System Caddy, an organizer on wheels that keeps every tool and every component of the leveling system at your fingertips.


Like the original Tile Skater, the Tile Skater Leveling System Caddy has these key features:

  • Lightweight plastic construction, so the unit is easily portable

  • Anti-tip braces to prevent accidents and spillage

  • Work shelf to hold various tools

  • Castors with plenty of clearance to roll over and across fasteners you’ve already put in place


But our Leveling System Caddy also has a base container divided into compartments designed specifically to house components of popular leveling systems. When you need to lay tile across a broad surface, the Leveling System Caddy stays at your side, so you can work with greater efficiency. But suppose you want to work up and across a wall? You don’t want to be constantly bending over to retrieve parts. Fortunately, the Caddy is equipped with a permanent slide mount, so you can attach it quickly, solidly and securely to any camera tripod. The unit remains stable, keeping all your tools and accessories at your fingertips.


Whether you’re working on floors or walls, the Tile Skater Leveling System Caddy saves you time, spares you discomfort, and makes it easier to deliver professional results.

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