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After promising beautiful results in a timely manner, a tiler needs to be able to work efficiently and comfortably. But, as anyone who has laid floor or wall tile knows, time is wasted when your tools and accessories get spread out across the room. While you’re concentrating on creating a level surface with perfectly spaced grout joints, you don’t want to be constantly reaching for this or that, because ultimately, the quality of the project can suffer. That’s why Sharktoolers developed the Tile Skater.


The Tile Skater is a portable utility box that organizes everything the tiler needs at his fingertips: hand tools, tile spacers, cellphone, keys, pencil and markers. The Tile Skater enables total organization for greater efficiency and less strain.


The key features of this patent pending product include:

  • Lightweight plastic construction, so the unit is easily portable

  • Easy, snap-together assembly

  • Anti-tip braces to prevent accidents and spillage

  • Work shelf to hold spackling knives and scrape them clean

  • Organized compartments to hold tools, accessories, and tile spacers

  • Cellphone nook that lets you quickly respond to incoming calls


But the best part about using a Tile Skater is its ability to follow you across the floor and up the wall! We call this product a “skater” because it glides across the floor on castors. When you want to tile up a wall, you can quickly and easily mount the skater on ½ inch drywall, cement board, or HardieBacker®.


With three stainless steel fasteners, the Tile Skater is easy to mount securely and quick to take down. The fastening nails are short; they won’t contact any mechanicals behind the surface, so the plumbing and electrical are completely safe. Plus, the fasteners are reusable, so you can easily mount your Tile Skater whenever you lay tile.


Finally, if you’ve tiled most of the surface, so you can’t mount the Tile Skater on a wall, but you still need it up at the level you’re working, the Tile Skater easily attaches to any camera tripod. The Tile Skater has a permanent slide mount, so it attaches quickly, solidly and securely. The tray remains stable, even as you scrape your knives on it, and keeps all your tools and accessories at your fingertips. This is the perfect option when you’re finishing inside a shower, tiling all the way to the ceiling.


Using the Tile Skater on a floor, wall or tripod, you can work hands-free, pocket-free, and pouch-free. But your tools and parts are always within easy reach for greater comfort, efficiency and safety.

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