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Shark Toolers’ New “Pluggies” Speed Up Home Repairs

Screw holes go from stripped to gripped in seconds

A screw is only as reliable as the hole its threaded into. In time, holes become worn and there’s nothing to hold the screw in place. Tightening that loose screw does no good, because the threads have no material to grip. Old methods of dealing with this common problem, such as filing the hole with artificial wood or wood pieces, are time-consuming and short-lived. But now, you can fix that worn screw hole instantly with a Pluggie from Shark Toolers.     

The Pluggie is a hollow, conical shaped piece of plastic that slips into the worn screw hole. Simply tap the top of the Pluggie until it is firmly inside the hole, slightly below flush, then snap off any material above the surface. You now have a sheath of tough plastic inside the worn hole. When you screw into the Pluggie, the threads on the screw cut into its high impact styrene, creating a tight grip within. The screw also forces the Pluggie to expand, filling the hole for a tight seal. 

A tiny, indispensable device with countless applications

Imagine how quickly you could repair doors, cabinets, furniture, outdoor decks, and any other constructed item that relies on screws. You can even use Pluggies to repair damaged fastening holes in a variety of substrate materials, such as concrete and tile. Our extensive research and field testing led Shark Toolers to choose high impact styrene, a polymer plastic with the durable qualities necessary to form a reliable, lasting connection. This material is soft enough to remold itself, conforming to the interior of the screw hole, but strong enough to last.

On close examination, you’ll see the Pluggies are “scored” on their exterior at measured intervals of one-eighth inch. This makes it easy for users to size the Pluggie to any hole and snap off the extra length that extends from the hole. But don’t discard the part you snap off; save it to use on a larger worn screw hole.

You’ll also notice the rough surface of the Pluggie. These small bumps on the outer surface help the Pluggie grip within the hole. Pluggies are suitable for wood screw sizes #2 through #18.

So, no more filling. And no drilling. A Pluggie and a simple screwdriver or screw gun will do the job every time. 

Our patent is pending, and all Pluggies will be made in the USA. To see firsthand how this simple, yet revolutionary little tool can save you time and expense, contact Shark Toolers today.

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