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Shark Toolers’ U.S. Design Patent Protects Your Investment

Secure rights for our complete line of innovative tools


When we struck upon the idea for an ergonomic line of hand tools unlike any other, we knew we had a potential bonanza that required protection. Imitators and counterfeiters are everywhere in the global marketplace, and they can destroy a brand even before it launches. We needed to secure our rights as creators, so we began the exhaustive task of filing for U.S. patent protection. 

Patented for our protection and yours

Since 1790, the U.S. patent system has protected creators of "any useful art, manufacture, engine, machine, or device, or any improvement thereon not before known or used." By granting exclusive rights to creators for a limited time, U.S. patents ensure that creators can profit from their inventions, an essential protection that spurs innovation that ultimately serves the public good. But patents also provide essential safeguards for investors and licensees, who need to know their rights won’t be infringed by copycats flooding the market with knockoffs.

Importantly, Shark Toolers holds a design patent, No. US D773,275 S, for our Universal Handle. The patent claims a multi-function surface repair tool comprising an electrically insulating handle and is applicable to the entire line of tools using our Universal Handle. This patent is good until the year 2030. The Multi Tool handle has a patent pending.

Our Tweekers were recently awarded a U.S. patent, No. US10,125,533B1, and our Mud Pan was issued U.S. patent No. US10,918,196B1.

All of our other products have patents pending, which are due to be issued in Fall 2022.

Potential investors, distributors, and retailers should be confident that their rights are fully secure in any agreement with Shark Toolers.

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