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Shark Toolers Signature Wood Chisels

A wood chisel is a chipping tool a worker must use with precision to achieve the desired effect. Wood working can also cause fatigue and repetitive stress injuries, as well as accidental injuries.

Because the Shark Toolers line of Wood Chisels starts with our ergonomically designed Signature Handle, with comfort grip and safety stops, users enjoy:

  • Greater control

  • Reduced fatigue


But the greatest benefit is enhanced safety from the chisel's bulb handle which surrounds the bullseye and deflects any wayward strike of the hammer. 


Woodworkers don't have to worry about painful blows to their thumb that could blacken a nail.

Shark Toolers Signature Cold Chisels

Our Cold Chisel starts with a single piece of solid steel with a variety of cutting edges. However, a modified version of our round Signature Handle increases our tool's performance while reducing the risk of injury. Innovative features include:

  • Rounded handle for greater comfort when gripping

  • Flattened bullseye for greater striking efficiency and force transfer

  • Bulb handle to guard the user's hand by deflecting off-target blows of the hammer


Again, the user enjoys key ergonomic benefits of the Shark Toolers brand: greater comfort, reduced fatigue and heightened safety.

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